Japonica Rice

Oryza sativa is one of the variousest, the most long - standing plant with thousands of genders are famous all over the world. Two largest spicies of rice is Japonica and Indica representing for most of genders in the world. The former is grown in tropical area while the later is manufactured in cold area.

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Product Description

Japonica is kind of low to average high plant, good anti - fall, high cold and pests - resistant, short - growth time. Advantage of Japonica is able to bear the cold, growing at low degree about 15 Celsius. Japonica is suitable for temperate, subtropical zones and highlands. Most of coutries cultivate Japonica distributing in Asia such as Vietnam, Korea, China and last to Middle East such as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey. . It is the moist, sticky, bright white rice, be good ideal for Mediterranean and Asian dishes that require stickiness, like risotto, paella and sushi. There are different types japonica rice including Calrose, developed at the Rice Experiment Station at U.C. Davis, which oversees the development of new and improved japonica varieties. The two japonica varieties favored by the Japanese are akita komachi and koshihikari, also grown in California.

1. Specification


Broken (%Max)


Foreign matters (%Max)


Damaged kernel (%Max)


Yellow kernel (%Max)


Red and red streaked kernel (%Max)


Glutinous kernel (%Max)


Immature kernel (%Max)


Paddy per Kg (%Max)


Average moisture (%)


Average whole kernel length (mm)


Crop Year:


Mill Degree:

Well milled & double polished


2.Unit Price :

To be advised after received requirement.

3. Inspection:

By an Independent Inspection Company in Vietnam such as OMIC/FCC,VINACONTROL, INTERTEK... for weight, quality and condition. The result of the shipped weight and quality issued by these company at loading port to be final for both parties.

4. Packing:

Ability to be packed into1kg, 2kg,5kg, 10kg, 20lbs, 40lbs, 25kg or 50 kg PP bags, PP bags with PE inside. The bags of rice are stuffed at total Max 25MT into one 20ft container.

Customer\'s requirement.

5. Payment: Irr L/C 100% at sight, issued by first class bank or TTR 50% before loading and balance after showing B/L by email or fax.

6. Shipment time: within 15days or 20 days upon receiving advance payment or workable L/C.

7. Documents for payment: As per the requirement of destination.

In common, they are:


7.1. Commercial Invoice

7.6. Fumigation Certificate

7.2. Packing List

7.7. Phytosanitary Certificate

7.3. Bill of Lading

7.8. Insurance Policy (if CIF)

7.4. Cert. of Quantity, Weight and Quality

7.9. Non GMO (if required)

7.5. Certificate of Origin



8.Quantity : MOQ: 1 container.